Tuesday, 6 September 2011

You Can Now Be 'Friend Dumped'

Gone are the days when the only people you formally ended a relationship with were business partners and unsuitable 'other halves'. The other day my friend got friend dumped, over Facebook. Ouch. My friend, lets call her Anya, was told by a girl I know (one of Anya's 'best friends' lets call her Michaela) that they were no longer compatible as friends and that from now on they would be living life separately. Michaela told Anya that she had moved on and asked her not to bug her to meet up anymore. She also informed Anya that she was pursuing a more glamorous life - I'm presuming she failed to mention that this involved her new job stacking shelves in the local Tesco. Ouch. In the style of any decent TV drama breakup, Michaela phoned Anya a few days later, then sent her an emotional Facebook private mail in an attempt to reconcile however I have been informed the damage has been done. So ladies (and any possible gents reading this) ever consider dumping you friends? There's always the fail safe 'growing apart' option, used by many of us at some point in an attempt to shake off those people we just don't like anymore. Seems a bit harsh really.

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