Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Planning Never Works

I'm one of those people who hate changing plans, especially last minute. Here I am sat, 9.30am on a Tuesday morning in the last fortnight of my university holidays, with an hour to kill. Yes my plans have been last minute changed. I hate people sometimes. Approximately twenty minutes ago my facebook chat pops up "Hi is it ok if we meet an hour later?" There I am fully dressed and ready, killing time, screaming at the computer "No it's not! Stop ruining my day!" Yet this didn't quite translate to my typing hands which neatly and politely replied "Yes, sure, look forward to it!" I hate myself sometimes. My days are always planned down to the last minute too much to do, too little time. It ruined all my other plans for the day just so I can have coffee with plan-changer girl. Here's to fitting my life around the lateness of other people, oh how I love changing plans.

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