Wednesday, 22 June 2011

How is it...?

How is it that some women are just so effortlessly glamorous? We all know that one girl, it can be tipping with raining, howling a gale and you have had to hike to uni in your definitely not weather suitable topshop dollies and right as you feel at your very least attractive, in saunters in that girl, her silky smooth hair looks like it has never seen the outside and her make-up remains annoyingly intact.

Classic example the other week I was doing the daily uphill twenty minute hike to uni when in front of me pops up one of "those girls".
Cute floral dress, designer looking mac and high heels. Yes high heels. The windiest day of the year and she is trekking uphill in heels. Not a hair out of place.
She had guts.

Of course, as with any distinct group of people, these super-humans exist in the celebrity, may I present to you Victoria Beckham.

Has there ever been a bad picture of this woman? Even many months pregnant when most women have broken into the sweat pants and flip flops stage she is still balancing on her 5inch Louboutins, sporting the latest designer trends. Victoria Beckham, We salute you!

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