Thursday, 11 November 2010

New Life. New Challenge.

Finally here - university. Sounds scarier than it is, my life has become surreal. A mix of meeting new people everyday, learning crazy complicated science and learning the pros and cons of independent living. Who knew looking after yourself was so much effort?
Think I'm gunna do another challenge cos I'm lazy like that.

1. Your name and 5 things about you that no one really knows
2. A picture of one of your celebrity crushes and 5 things you would do with/to them. No questions asked.
3. A picture and/or description of your favorite place in your world. And I’m not talking about like France or Greece. I’m talking somewhere you visit daily or atleast fairly often.
4. Please state your Hogwart’s House, your favorite spell, your patronus, your boggart, and your favorite book in the series :)
5. Name your favorite sport and how you became interested in it. If you don’t like sports, tell us why :)
6. What’s your guilty pleasure tv show, food, and magazine?
7. Show me a picture of you and the person you feel closest to at this time?
8. Rant to me. About your family. Your friends. Your friend. A celebrity. A schoolmate. A tv show. Anything.
9. If your house caught on fire what would be the most important things for you to save?
10. What is your favorite website aside from Tumblr? Why?
11. Leave a secret in my askbox :)
12. Show me the first and last gif in your gif folder. Along with your favorite gif of all time or just from right now :)
13. What is your favorite book (aside from Harry Potter :))?
14. Show me a picture of your dream car.
15. If you were to get a tattoo what would it be of, where would it be, and why would you get it?
16. Name another celebrity crush and what would you say to them if you only had 30 seconds to talk to them while knowing you’d never see them again.
17. Show me a picture of your dream house.
18. If your ipod was to lose all but 5 songs with no chance of getting any other songs back onto it, what would you hope those songs would be?
19. What are you craving to eat right now?
20. Show me a picture of you smiling :)
21. Post a picture of one thing you would buy if you had more than enough money to do so?
22. Who in your family are you the closest to? Why?
23. If you could have any pet regardless of what it is, what would you want?
24. Show me a picture of yourself that you think you look good in :)
25. What do you think your future looks like right now?
26. List all of the things that make you smile/happier than anything else in the world/feel the best.
27. What are your favorite lyrics from a song played by your favorite band/singer/artist?
28. Who inspires you the most? Be it based on personality, style, or what they’ve accomplished in life. Feel free to list more than one :)
29. Why did you choose your current profile picture/icon?
30. Why did you do this challenge? Did you like it?

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