Friday, 16 July 2010

Day 1 - a recent photo of yourself and 15 interesting facts

Ok the photo is not working... will try again on another post.

15 [Not So] Interesting Facts About Me.

1. I hate tuesdays and thursdays. Bad things seem to happen on these days. Always have.
2. I love watching The Hills. It makes me happy.
3. I wish I could play the piano, sing or paint. I can do none of these, it makes me sad.
4. My mother likes my full name as it has the same rhythm as "follow the yellow brick road" and I hate her for it.
5. I love Harry Potter. I am such a HP nerd it is unreal.
6. I like science 'cause I'm cool like that.
7. I will get obsessed with a song, listen to it 20 times in a day then never listen to it again.
8. I am 18, this makes me feel older than I would like.
9. I am leaving my job at the end of this week. This makes me sad.
10.I hate changing plans, I'm ocd like that.
11.I think about things probably more than I should.
12.I don't understand tumblr, hence I'm back on blogspot.
13.I'm currently waiting for someone to come online
14.I'd get a tattoo right now if they were completely painless and could be removed whenever I fancied, but then I guess that's what temporary tattoos are for.
15.A small part of me wishes I was Florence Welchfrom Florence And The Machine, she's just amazing in everyway.

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